• 24th November 2010 - By admin

    There are plenty of sites online that you can play poker on. Unfortunately, many of them require you to pay a fee or deposit some money in order to play. However, there are some sites that will let you join free roll tournaments, which are free to enter yet offer cash prizes. The following tips can help you win cash in a free online poker tournament.

    Be aggressive when the game begins. Being aggressive in the beginning will help you build up a strong stack of chips that will give you leverage in the later rounds. Having a larger stack in the later rounds of the game really make it easy to outdo your opponents when it’s time to bring home the cash.

    Although it is wise to play aggressively, try not to place a lot of your chips into a single bet unless you are absolutely certain that you are going to win the pot. After you have won a few pots and made it to the end of the game you’ll notice that most of the players are playing more conservatively. At this point you can exploit their playing style by stealing their blinds later in the game.

    In the first rounds you should avoid bluffing at all costs. Since the rest of the players at the table will be more conservative in the last rounds, you should be able to trap some of them. Remember the game plan is to be aggressive early and sneaky in the end.

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